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Reptile Thermostat RF1000



THERMOSTAT – HEAT CONTROLLERS: The Heat Controller RF1000 Thermostat is one of the best investments you can make for your terrarium, aquarium,and/or reptile habitat. It’s also great for plants that need a warm, moist environment!  Energy efficient, safe, reliable and accurate. The RF1000 monitors the temperature of your reptile’s environment and when it senses that it’s too cold, the Heat Controller will automatically turn your heating units on, if it gets too hot, it will turn them off.  It will control your vivarium at one constant temperature.  when the temperature reaches the set degree, the thermostat will keep it there.

Excellent for plugging in multiple devices such as a heat emitter, hot rock, heating pad, and/or heat light. It controls them all! This outstanding thermostat will maintain a steady, safe source of heat for your pet’s living environment.

The Heat Controller RF1000 can handle up to 800 watts total!!!


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