Catalina Aquarium

Catalina Aquarium 6000 Aqua Pump – 1400 GPH



CA6000 Aqua Pump
High output, reliable, powerful pump with low power consumption. Japanese ceramic rotor technology.
Super High gow magnets. Great for medium to large sized hydroponic requirements. Pumps up to 1400 GPH.
Can be used for drip, aeroponic and ebb and flow systems. Good for hydroponic needs, ponds, fountains, and aquariums. Works with misters and sprayers. This pump is of such high quality material that it can be used either as a submersible pump or as an inline. Pump comes with 1 inch NPT threaded outlet.
Also comes with an adapter fitting to modify from one inch threaded outlet to 3/4 inch flexible tubing.


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