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Catalina Aquarium 3000 Aquarium Pump 1000 GPH



Catalina Aquarium CA 3000 Triple Venturi Aquarium Pump / Powerhead
is multi purpose. It can be used for:

aquarium circulation
sump pump
pond pump
water fall,
protein skimmer
fountain pump

It will take 3/4 inch male PVC fitting or 5/8 inch hose
Three venturi air injection ports for a protein skimmer
Grounded 6 foot power cord
Ceramic shaft
Powerful and quiet output
High flow rate
High efficiency
Low heat output
Magnetic rotor technology
Often used in 200 to 250 gallon aquariums.

Output: 1000 GPH
Power: 60W
Dimension: 4 in x 2 3/4 in x 5 5/8 in


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