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Adjustable Reptile Heat Pad 4 Watt – 4×5 inches



Catalina Aquarium 4 inch x 5 inch 4 Watt Adjustable Heat Pad for small 1 to 5 gallon glass vivariums. FOR GLASS VIVARIUMS ONLY.  One side of the heat pad is adhesive and should be stuck to your vivarium. Can also be side mounted or back wall mounted.  Set the dimmer switch to low for the lowest temperature setting of the heat pad which will be half the max wattage of the heating pad. Set the dimmer switch at high for the highest wattage, desert type animals.  Always use a thermometer to monitor the inside temperature of the tank. It is recommended that one thermometer be used for every 20 gallons.  Heat pads can be used in combination with other heat source such as ceramic heat emitters and heat bulbs in larger vivariums.

Comes with a dimmer switch for flexible temperature control.
Ideal for small lizards, small snakes, spiders, amphibians, and hermit crabs as an under tank or side mounted heat source
For 1 to 5 gallon vivariums
very low power consumption
one year warranty
Power: 4 Watts
See also the RF-1000 Heat Controller for greater control of your vivarium’s temperature. 


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