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4 Watt Reptile Heat Pad-4″ x 5″



This heat mat is intended to provide a warm bottom area in your reptile’s habitat for them to use when they need to digest their food and require warmth for any other reason. You should provide 30 to 50% of the bottom of the tank as a warm area and allow the rest of the tank to be cool; this allows your reptile to get the warmth they need when they need it and to move to a cooler area when they desire. Use a thermometer inside the tank near the mat to determine the temperature inside the tank. A heat mat is not intended to heat the entire habitat, only as a warming area to help with your reptile’s digestion and comfort. Good for snakes, hermit crabs, lizards and other reptiles that need a low heat source. There are 4 risers included to elevate the bottom of your tank for heat dispersion and so the cord does not get pinched.
Uniform heating device for the bottom of your tank
UL Listed – 4 Watts
Low Heat – will not burn your reptile
Helps in thermo regulation: important for metabolism, digestion, appetite and activity
4 Rubber Feet included to raise your tank so cord does not get pinched

See also the┬áRF-1000 Heat Controller for greater control of your vivarium’s temperature.


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