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27 Watt Actinic Power Compact Aquarium Bulb



27 Watt 03/Blue Actinic 420NM Power Compact Straight Pin

Ideal for marine aquariums, reef aquariums.
Simulates the natural light that penetrates to the reef.
Promotes the normal growth of life necessary to maintain a healthy
environment for your corals and invertebrates.
Excellent source of long wave ultraviolet radiation.
Hight intensity actinic with strong emissions in the short wavelength
region of the spectrum, peaking at 420 nms.
Promotes the growth of zooxanthellae algae, essential for the well being
of all photosynthetic corals and invertebrates.
Closely matches the absorption peak of blue chlorophyll used in photosynthesis.

Power: 27 Watt
Color: Ultra Actinic 03/Blue 420NM
Length: 11 Inch
Pins: 4 straight pins


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