Catalina Aquarium

24 Watt T5 High Output 460nm Blue Aquarium Bulb – Bi Pin



Catalina T5 bulbs are designed for low heat, energy efficient
operation with maximum high output.
They provide the necessary light for corals and plants to perform
their photosynthetic processes.  Catalina Super Blue Actinic 460nm bulbs are high performing actinic
bulbs that will greatly enhance the overall color and appearance of
your corals.
These super bright blue bulbs cause corals to fluoresce and glow vibrantly
while providing them with beneficial light to help stimulate photosynthesis.
Ideally used in conjunction with 10k 0r 6500k, and plant grow bulbs.
Color: Bright Blue

Length: 21 1/2 inches

Pins: Bi Pin


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