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13 Watt 10K/Actinic Bi Pin Power Compact Aquarium Bulb – 50/50



13 WATT 10K WHITE + ACTINIC 420NM (50/50)

  • Aquarium double light, white on one side, 03/blue, 420 nm actinic on the other.
  • Peaks at 430 nm.
  • Deeper penetration than the 450 nm.
  • 50/50 combination of 10k trichromatic daylight phosphor and actinic 420 phosphor in the same lamp provides an ideal light source for all marine aquariums and reef tanks.
  • High intensity full spectrum illumination for a living reef, strong in the short wavelength blue region essential for photosynthetic corals and invertebrates, balanced with 10k sunlight for natural color enhancement.
  • Ideal for African Cichilids and Discus.

Power: 13 W
Color: 10000K white and true actinic 03/blue 420nm
Length: 6 inch
Pins: bi pin


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