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For over 20 years, Catalina Aquarium has been a manufacturer and importer of fine aquarium light bulbs, pumps and filters. We carry products for nano reefs, freshwater, saltwater aquariums, custom reefs, ponds, reptiles, and hydroponic lighting. Our warehouse facility is online only, located in California. Our contact information is
Telephone is (916) 717-7961. If you have special requests or just a general question, please contact us, we'll be happy to assist you.


"I recently began testing a 400W 20K MH bulb being sold by Catalina Aquarium. It's only been a week, but I must say that I'm impressed by the color and apparent brightness. Reminds me of the Ushio 10K 400W bulb but it's a little bluer and brighter."
I got turned on to an awesome true 420nm Actinic T5 bulb this weekend, and it has made all the difference in the world to my tank... These are closer to a URI SuperActinic VHO than anything else I've seen yet, which is especially amazing for those of us using T5's. My system is comprised of 2 rows of 36in 39w (back to front): Blue Plus, Actinic, 50/50 White, Blue Plus The difference shown in the pics above, was the result of simply swapping out 1 of the 50/50's for a true 420nm CA Actinic... I'm inclined to keep the rest of the bulbs, as I really like the coloration on the right side of the images. Keep in mind that they do look a whole lot better in person, because the digital image doesn't do it justice. 125 gal
I use a catalina 1800 for a return pump on a 35 gal tank and have also ran one on one of there skimmers they have worked well for me in salt water and the guys from catalina have always given me great customer service... I have a few catalina pumps running in my system one of them has been running a year 24/7 and has never missed a beat.
I just installed your new 250W 15K hqi bulbs and really like them. They were installed next to the Phoenix 14 K bulbs and I liked the Catalina bulbs much better. My Phoenixs were too blue and not as bright as I had hoped for, but the Catalinas were a good mix of blue and brightness. I did not realize how yellow 10Ks are until they were next to the 15 ks. The colors in the corals really stand out especially the blues. Pam, CA
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